Rock Solid Protection

Exceeding the requirements of governments, financial institutions and major corporations

Technical Highlights

SSL encryption between client/server and data transfers

Access to only segregated vertical-based database servers

Hardened servers and application infrastructure

Duplicated fail-safe databases at alternative datacenters

30-minute daily backup of fail-safe databases

Dual firewalls

Amazon EC2

Protecting your data from malicious intruders is a universal imperative. Consequently, we designed our platform to employ the meticulous integration of programming methods, infrastructure, physical devices and secure datacenters to defend against invaders from across the globe. Built on Amazon’s EC2 platform, our servers and backup servers run in secure datacenters and we account for all common and uncommon hacking methods in the base structure of our code and programming tools. In addition, we created and isolated an application environment with multiple firewalls, encryption protocols and redundant backups to ensure maximum protection, every hour of every day. It's security that's as good as it gets.

256-bit Encryption

The AES encryption algorithm is accepted as the industry standard by governments and major corporations worldwide for secure data encryption in both hardware and software alike. AES encryption uses 128, 192 or 256-bit keys and provides a significantly higher level of security than any previous encryption standards. The simple math dictates that the higher the number of bits in the key, the more possible key combinations there are and the harder the code is to crack. Therefore, we employed the 256-bit encryption algorithm simply because it provides the highest level of protection available.