A new and improved app management platform designed for businesses as well as consumers is currently in development. Our revolutionary AMP Pro 2.0 will feature cutting-edge, intelligent, App2App communications that will provide users, worldwide, with access to any app, from any device whether it be Android, iOS or Microsoft. In addition, our user friendly, command-style dashboard will allow users to customize app selection based on their own personal preferences. Stay tuned for updates on the launch of our latest innovation.

Time Tracking

A number of our clients have strongly urged us to develop a time tracking function that is fully integrated with other related functions that include document creation, billing and accounting among others. This function would allow users to keep track of time spent developing documents, data and reports on behalf of specific clients or projects. This information could then be systematically forwarded to whatever end user or department that requires the information for billing, management or other relevant purpose.


The meteoric rise of big data as a research and marketing tool has captured the interest of businesses across the globe. To address this rising demand, we have been developing a series of analytics tools designed to provide our clients with the ability to review a number of data points captured by our business management software. These data points could then be organized, reviewed and analysed to determine areas of potential growth, shortfalls, or issues that may require attention.