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Doxfire is the small business resource for real world technology tools designed to help dedicated professionals work smarter, not harder. Thanks to a proprietary product development strategy that merges daily work requirements with advanced technology and imagination, we have reinvented “business as usual”. Now, any small company can easily download and run enterprise quality business management software without the budget busting expense.

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Manage your business like a Fortune 500 Company
for the cost of a Double Mocha Latté

Introducing the Industry’s only full-featured, smart-dashboard specifically designed to help you meet the ever-changing, day-to-day operational requirements. Everything you'll need to easily navigate through today’s highly competitive work environment has been conveniently integrated into our smart dashboard.

Working smarter is only a click away.

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Work Smarter® Technology

Our revolutionary document management functions make it easier than ever to Create, Manage, Store and Share all of your vital data and information in a secure, reliable, cloud-based environment.


Create business critical documents in a flexible and intuitive environment. Generate new documents, use your own templates or access our library of custom and stock templates to share throughout your company.


Manage your business on our fully integrated platform, at your desk or on-the-go. Save time and money by easily accessing everything you need from one single source. Control settings for users and manage access for your entire company.


Communicate, collaborate, share documents and chat on our full-featured social enterprise platform.


Cloud-based storage provides security and accessibility from desktops, laptops, on both iOS & Android devices.